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  • Complete Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification Course
  • Includes Advanced Hypnotherapy & Coaching
  • Fully UK Accredited
  • Study Online At Your Own Pace & Convenience
  • Live Online Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Hypno-Analysis (Regression)
  • NLP
  • And Much More (See Below)

Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis - Details

Here's Why This Type Of Hypnotherapy Is SO Effective

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Study From Home - Learn Online At Your Own Pace

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Attend Live Online Demos, Webinars, With Q&A Sessions

Lifetime Access To 150+ Hours Of Training Materials.

Powerful Approach That DE-HYPNOTISES People From Their Problems, Often In A Few Hours Or Less.

Work The Hours You Want, From Wherever You Want (Online or In-Person).

No Time Limit - Lifetime Access Including All Future Upgrades

Full Student Support Team By Qualified Hypnotherapists

"You Will Discover How To Help People Overcome Deep-Seated, Childhood & Lifelong Issues, Including Habits, Anxiety, Depression, Eating, Sleep, Fears, Trauma, Pain, And More, Often In A Few Hours Or Less"

Make A Difference: Get enormous job satisfaction, making a real difference to people's lives, every day.

Financial Independence: Set your own fee, work the hours you want, when you want, from wherever you want.

Skills & Knowledge: Be able to help friends, family, loved ones as well as fee-paying customers.

Opportunities: To work as an expert in a wide range of interesting and fascinating areas.

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Become A Successful Hypnotherapist Helping Change Peoples' Lives For The Better ... From the Comfort & Security of Your Own Home

Here's Some Of What You Will Learn ...

Here's Some Of What's Included ...

  • Complete Range Of Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Methods Including Elements Of Coaching, Counselling & Therapy Skills
  • Clinical Hypnosis/Solution Focused Therapy
  • Hypno-Analysis/Regression
  • Andrew Parr Deep Transformation method
  • Andrew Parr E.S.C.A.P.E. Method
  • Access to Full Online Training Portal.
  • 25 + Recordings Of LIVE Client Sessions
  • 70+ Easy Reference Specialist Topic Webinars
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Community
  • “Successful Private Practice” Audio Programme
  • “Transform Your Life” Self Help Programme
  • Student Support contact

Would you like to know how to "de-hypnotise" people from negative thinking to help them solve problemsboost confidence and achieve goals?


Would you like the freedom to work the hours you want, when you want, from wherever you want, and set your own fees?


PLUS would you like to heal and develop yourself as you learn to help others?

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ONE Complete Course - ONE Complete Practitioner


  • Probably The Most Comprehensive, Interesting, Enjoyable, Value For Money, Self-Study Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Available.


  • Includes Full Syllabus Instruction, Video Recordings Of Complete Live Client Sessions, Life-Time Access To Our Online Study Area, & Much More ...


  • Plus learn how to combine Hypnotherapy with Life Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills ...


Provide A Bespoke Treatment For EVERY Client

#1 - MODELS OF THE MIND - So That You Understand The REAL Reason People Have Problems & Know How To Solve Them

#2 - BASICS OF HYPNOTHERAPY & HYPNOSIS - So That You Know What Hypnosis Is & Isn't - And How To Induce & Release It, Safely & Successfully Using A Variety Of Methods

#3 - CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY & HYPNOSIS - So That You Know How To Carry Out A Mainstream Clinical Hypnotherapy Session

#4 - HYPNOTIC QUESTIONING & THE FLUID INTERVIEW TECHNIQUE - So That Your Client Will Be Like An Open Book & Reveal The Real Source Of Their Issue - Fast.

#5 - HYPNO-ANALYSIS, ANALYTICAL HYPNOTHERAPY & REGRESSION - So That You Can Help People Resolve Traumatic Memories & Problems From Their Past

#6 - THE U-FLOW, DEEP TRANSFORMATION & 3-LEVELS DEEP TECHNIQUES - So You Can Seamlessly Switch Between Coaching & Therapy Methods

#7 - INNER CHILD, PARTS & PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES - So You Can Combine Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis With Counselling & Psychotherapy Methods

#8 - COMPLETE STOP SMOKING PROTOCOL- So You That You Know How To Help Somone Break A Habit Like Smoking In Just One Or Two Sessions

#9 - SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS - So You That You Know How To Help Somone Take Conrol Of Their Eating & Weight, Or Achieve Similar Goals

#10 - PERSONAL, EMOTIONAL & BEHAVIOURAL RELEASE - So You That You Know How To Help Somone Transform How They Think, Feel & Behave, From The Deepest Level.

#11 - PAIN RELIEF & PHYSICAL AILMENTS - So You That You Know How To Use Hypnosis To Help Somone Safely Manage Pain & Ease Certain Conditions Like IBS.

#12 - "PAST LIFE" & METAPHYSICAL APPROACHES - So You That You Know How To Handle These If A Client Spontaneously Seems To Be Having Non-Physivcal Experiences

#13 - SUCCESSFUL SELF-HYPNOSIS - So You That You Can Help Your Clients Create Powerful, Bespoke Auto-Suggestions & Mantras, For Meditation, Self-Hypnosis & More.

#14 - WORKING WITH CHILDREN & TEENS - Discover How To Help Young People Resolve Nightmares, Separation Anxiety, Bullying, Exam Nerves & More.

#15 - WORKING WITH METAPHORS & THE METAPHORMOSIS TECHNIQUE- Discover How To Create Deep & Lasting Transformations Content Free - Great For Groups!

#16 - ESSENTIALS OF NLP (NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING) - Combine The Rapid Change Techniques Of NLP With The Deep Transformation Of Hypnosis!



A Career Helping People

Whether you choose to become a Specialist and focus in one area in particular, or prefer to be a General Practitioner and work with a variety of conditions, here are just some of the areas you will be able to help people with, as a result of completing this course.

  • Alcohol, Anger & Anxiety Issues
  • Self-Worth, Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Comfort Eating, Weight Loss & Disordered Eating
  • Pain Relief, IBS & Stress-Induced Physical Ailments
  • Stress Reduction, Depression & Lifestyle Issues
  • Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Issues.
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma
  •  & Dysfunctional Behaviours
  • Boosting Performance such as Public Speaking, Presentations and Sports
  • Breaking Habits, such as Stopping Smoking, Biting Nails and Hair Pulling
  • Plus Much More …


Everything You Need To Become A Professional Hypnotherapist

Practitioner Level Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Practitioner Level Diploma In Advanced Hypnotherapy & Coaching

15 Online Training Modules Containing Videos, Lectures, MP3’s & Written Guides

Downloadable Printable Notes So You Can Study Offline

Lifetime 24/7 Worldwide Access To Your Online Digital Members Area

12 x 30 Minute Monthly 1-1 Mentoring Sessions With Student Support Mentor

Ongoing Student Support So You Feel Looked After & Taken Care Of

Personalised Support & Feedback For Your Diploma Coursework

Regular Live Interactive Specialist Topic Webinars So You Can Ask & Learn As You Progress

Regular Live Online Supervised Practice Sessions So You Can Meet & Practice With Fellow Students

Private Community Where You Get Answers To ALL Your Questions

Bonus Specialist Training Modules Added To Enhance Your Knowledge & Boost Your Success

Opportunities To Work As An Expert In A Wide Range Of Interesting & Fascinating Areas

… And Much, Much More.


Transform Yourself As You Help To Transform Others


Extras #1 - On-Demand Library Of 25+ Client Demo Sessions

Watch the methods being used in practice on real people and dramatically accelerate your learning and skills.

Extras #2 - Back Catalog Of 70+ Specialist Topic Webinars

Fine Tune Your Knowledge In A wide Range Of Specialist Areas, Including Therapy, Business & Marketing

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Extras #3 - Members Only Facebook Support Groups

Get support, share experiences and be part of the community with fellow students, graduates and teaching staff.

Extras #4 - Successful Private Practice Audio Programme

12 Audio lessons & workbook to help your business get from where you are to where you want to be.

Transform Your Life Course Icon

Extras #5 - Transform Your Life

12-Part online personal development programme to help boost your confidence and consciously create a positive mindset for success


#1 - How Is The Course Structured?

The course is divided into fifteen modules and structured in such a way that you can start off with the absolute basics and learn more advanced theory and practical skills as you progress through.

Every module is broken down into a series of step-by-step lessons, each series of lessons and modules building on the previous.

Even those who  already have some therapy or hypnotherapy training, comment on how this course deepens their skills, knowledge and results with clients.

#2 - What Qualification Will I Get?

Because this course covers both traditional methods of hypnotherapy and hypnosis, plus combines it with more advanced hypnotherapy and coaching methods, by taking this ONE course you will receive TWO certificates:

(1) Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

(2) Diploma In Advanced Hypnotherapy & Coaching

#3 - How Will I Be Asessed To Get My Certificates?

The course is divided into 15 modules.

Each module has a piece of coursework for you to complete and send off to our independent assessor.

Once she is happy, she sends it back to us and that is marked as complete.

You will also need to keep a practice log, which we will explain to you, and submit a few other pieces of written work, such as case histories and personal statements.

There is no final exam, only the coursework but we will also monitor you at the supervised practice sessions.

#4 - Is This An Accredited Course?


In the UK and most of the world, Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis accreditation is still unregulated.

But there are voluntary regulations that we adhere to so that you can be Accredited and gain professional memberships.

This Self-Study Course with supervised practice is Accredited by the ACCPH (Accredited Coaches Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists).

With more interactive training/supervised practice  hours, which you can build up over time, this course will also enable you to join other organisations, such as The NCH or GHR, if you wish, but these organisations currently require 120+ hours of live interactive training.

The Self-Study Version of This Course Is Certified As Level 3-4 Equivalent By The


The content of this course meets and exceeds the Learning Outcomes for the UK Professional Standards In Hypnotherapy

#5 - Will I Be Able To Set Up My Own Private Practice?


If you are a complete beginner, this will course will teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to be able to help people with a wide range of problems and charge a professional fee accordingly.

If you already have some experience, this course will serve to deepen your knowledge, help build your confidence and allow you to expand your business and offering.

#6 - How Will I Get The Practical Experience?

First of all you can practice with fellow students at our regular online supervised practice sessions, where you can also get feedback and advice.

You can also make contact with fellow students to practice in your own time and at your own mutual convenience.

As your confidence and skills grow you can practice with volunteers (friends and family can be the hardest!)

In our facebook support groups, you can also ask for help and advice around any element of the course, practice, or working with clients.

#7 - How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

It depends!

The course is extremely in-depth and cannot be rushed.

If you can allocate 2 to 3 hours a week, you could complete the course in 3 to 6 months.

If you prefer a more relaxed approach, then 6 to 12 months is perfectly reasonable.

Many people also opt to study over the course of a few years however, and that is absolutely fine.

There is no time limit so you can proceed entirely at your own pace and take as long as you wish.

#8 - Is There A Time Limit For When I Need To Start?


Once you have joined there is no time-limit or timeframe for when you need to start.

You have life-time access to all the materials and can start whenever you wish, or dip in and out whenever you wish.

#9 -Do I Need To Attend The Live Sessions?

The live online sessions are not compulsory, but the more you attend, the more "accreditation hours" you will build up.

If you do not attend any live sessions, your certificate will be a Level 3 Self-Study. If you attend the required number live sessions your certificate will be a Level 4.

Some insurance companies are OK with pure self-study, but others insist that you have attended Live Training (online or in-person) in order for you to be covered.

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"I have loved this course, it was highly accessible, relevant and relatable.

I often find that courses do large chunks and move on quickly. I can struggle to keep up with this.

But Andrew's course, delivery pace, chunk size and technique or revising suited me perfectly. Thank you."


"I had been a volunteer on this course and not only did Andrew manage to help me out of a quite intense anxiety flair up but also showed me the next stepping stone on my path to be free of the old pains and aches of emotional and physical abuse.

I also felt honoured and grateful to have seen this happening for all our other volunteers.

I believe now speaking as a professional that it is highly beneficial for future clients and essential for the therapist to "live" observe Andrew Parr's approach to therapy.

It is because of these demonstrations I found into essentially deeper understanding as a professional and deeper healing as a private person during this course."


"Andrew is a great and empathic teacher and therapist."


"Andrew is very knowledgeable and gets to the core of the issue quickly and efficiently."


"Dear Andrew,

I want you to know you are very high up on my gratitude list for this past year.

It feels miraculous that I found your program, the impact it has already had is pretty indescribable.

I’m so happy to be part of the community as well, it feels so good.

Thank you for everything that you are and for everything you give."


"Good afternoon Andrew,

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did with me. The effects keep coming (details removed).

I did shed tears as this realisation spread over me and how huge it was. And then laugh at how daft it was to happen in a changing room.

I feel it is important to have been a volunteer as it give me experience of being on the receiving end and it offers learning experience to others. So thank you for the opportunity and the help.

I am loving the courses.

Warm regards"


"I have trained with Andrew for the past 4 years and I am in awe of his professional breadth of knowledge, his huge enthusiam to share every aspect of his progressive awareness and knowledge.

He has an ability to combine multiple therapeutic modalities together and make them original, interesting and far less sedentary.

Andrew has infinite patience and the ability to listen to his clients just so gently making a suggestion in their own words to persuade the client to say what really is on their minds.

The pure therapeutic process is so seamless and a joy to watch."


“The online forum for current and former students, is so helpful if you need instant replies to questions that may arise when, practising as a student or indeed ongoing support when qualified.

I have learned so much far beyond the scope of hypnotherapy. Andrew gives insights to lots of additional therapies that work alongside hypnotherapy and if like me you are keen to learn, you are able to keep adding to your skill set.

My library extends beyond hypnotherapy and all that it has to offer. Now qualified, I feel confident and at ease going into practice knowing I have learned so much on this course and that ongoing support is there if needed.”



"Hi [Andrew], Thank you so much for an amazing 1st week.

It was amazing.

I am loving the online content too. I am learning so much so fast and my friends are enjoying being volunteers."

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 14.11.37

"Thank you Andrew for yesterday's lesson.

The ideas what you shared with us yesterday I applied today with my new client with good results.

Worked miracles, as client realised in that point he has a choice to escalate the anger or reduce the anger. Thank you Andrew very much, I feel so honored to learn from you."


"Hi Andrew,

Thank you for Tuesday night. I had no idea how I would have dealt with S. and there were so many aspects to it.

I wouldn’t have known which to choose. As D. said, it was a masterclass. "


"Dear Andrew,

I just want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing course in teaching me how to be a complete therapist.

I explored lots of online hypnotherapy courses and I have to be honest, I was less than impressed for a number of reasons -  The other courses lacked depth, content, were generic and script based.

They also appeared to be designed by ‘therapist entrepreneurs’ who had a bag of promises in exchange for around 6 weeks of videos on platform with not a lot of support or teaching in between.

I have been blown away by the Andrew Parr Academy. Firstly because of you – You are one of the kindest, most sincere and genuine people I have ever met.

You truly care about your own personal clients and this is evidenced in the way you talk to your students about the best way to help them.

I have been hugely inspired by the professional manner and down to earth attitude that you show your therapy students.

You have decades of experience and are generous in sharing your stories and have so many examples to provide context when you are teaching one to one.

You are always present and available and you made me feel supported and looked after. On the last session together, I kept asking you questions because I was open mouthed at your knowledge and wisdom and this was something I experienced week in week out.

Your experience as a top Harley Street and well sought after Hypnotherapist, is clearly second to none and I feel blessed to have been able to learn from you.

You are incredibly humble about your skills.

Secondly, I have purchased a number of online courses promising the world that have really fallen short. But I have to thank you so much, because your course delivers the world!

The huge and generous amounts of content included and organised in such a way, to help me to fully understand and learn the finite and detailed aspects of hypnosis and solution focused hypnotherapy is like nothing I have ever experienced.

It’s not just hypnotherapy, but coaching, CBT, hypno analysis, elements of counselling and some of the most sophisticated and powerful methods to help get to the root cause of a problem I have ever seen.

I have been so thankful for the portal that you have created which leaves absolutely no stone unturned in terms of knowledge, learning and understanding.

I love the creative way in which this has been put together with SO MANY DEMO SESSIONS that you have conducted – these are so powerful and the resources provided have been generously placed into the portal for free.

What I liked most was the way you really thought about the journey of your students – from helping us to gain an understanding of where hypnotherapy has originated from all the way through from learning the basics to then really becoming a knowledgeable, bespoke, scriptless hypnotherapist who is able to offer something that most hypnotherapists will never be able to offer their clients for transformative change.

I have been described by my own clients as a life changing therapist because I have applied everything that I learned on your course, Andrew.

I wanted to write this for you and emphasise that even though you didn’t prompt or ask me to write a review, I felt that it was important to let other people out there who are considering learning hypnotherapy or establishing their own practice, know, that if they want to learn from the best – they need to get on your course.

Other courses will NOT compare or match what you offer.

I feel so grateful that I don’t have a tool kit of ‘quick and dirty techniques’ but a sound knowledge, unshakeable confidence and a very genuine and profoundly life changing method to help my clients achieve the changes they want to make.

This is all down to you Andrew and what you have taught me, so thank you so much.

Warmest Regards,



"Hi Andrew,

many thanks for your hard work in putting together the transformational ATC methods.

I'm finding it makes my client work a lot less stressful, yet more effective."


"Hi Andrew,

Just did the exercise! This was lovely!

I’ve been reflecting on the past year and joining this course was one of the best things that happened for me.

Thank you for being you and for sharing all this knowledge with us!"


"Greetings Andrew,

I am enjoying ATC/B.I.O.T.A.B It is fantastic, and simple yet so deep, love it.

Thanks again."


Hi Andrew

Firstly, thank you so much for the session. I knew most of it, but that block that you helped identify was the sticking point that I didn’t know that I needed to get past. So super positive result for me.

Once I’d processed it, I found myself free of the overthinking, and felt a huge relief for my brain.

Thanks again [volunteer for training session]

"This course is amazing, I feel like I’m in Hogwarts and truly learning to use my magic.

I’m excited to go deeper."

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 20.45.05