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Practitioner Diploma - Application

Question 1 of 11.

Your Background & Previous Experience

Can you tell us a little about your background or previous experience in this area?

1. I have no therapy type training - I am a complete newbie (fine if so!)
2. I have some hypnotherapy skills but want to improve my results and success
3. I have some therapy or coaching type skills but am new to hypnotherapy & hypnosis
4. Other
Question 2 of 11.

Opportunities Available You Are Interested In

Which of these do you feel is the greatest opportunity available to you in this area, over the next 6-12 months?

1. Being able to switch to a more rewarding career
2. Being able to make a difference and do something positive for others
3. Being able to create a full or part-time income doing something I love
4. Being able to work flexible hours, regaining control of my time and my life
5. Being able to finally become more financially successful
6. All the above
7. Other
Question 3 of 11.

Your #1 Biggest Obstacle Until Now ...

What is the #1 single biggest obstacle that has been holding you back until now, from doing what is required to achieve your goals in this area? Note: This is the biggest thing we can help you with, so please give as much detail as possible.

Question 4 of 11.

Your Financial Goals (If Any)

Although many people study with us for personal interest, many others are seeking to create an income, and we love helping both. Please give us an indication of your financial goals (if any).

1. I don't have any financial goals, right now, I am just interested
2. I would like to earn $/£1000 - $/£2000 a month from this
3. I would like to earn $/£2000 - $/£5000 a month from this
4. I would like to earn more than $/£5000 a month from this
5. Other/Not Sure
Question 5 of 11.

Financial Resources To Make This Happen

This is an intensive, immersive course requiring an investment of time and money. Please give us an indication of your current situation.

1. I have the financial resources to invest in making this happen now
2. I do not have the financial resources to make this happen any time soon
3. Other
Question 6 of 11.

Your Biggest Reason Or Passion?

Money is important - but it's not the MOST important. What would you say is your biggest reason for wanting to learn these skills and work in this area? ie What's your passion?

Question 7 of 11.

Why is now the right time for you?

Why do you think NOW is the right time to get involved and transform this area of your life in this way?

Question 8 of 11.

How Interested Or Committed Are You?

Pease tell us how interested you are in doing this course.

1. Not Very
2. A little interested
3. Quite Interested
4. Very Interested
5. Extremely Interested
Question 9 of 11.

Why this course? Why Andrew Parr Academy?

What is it about studying with the Andrew Parr Academy and joining one of these courses that most appeals to you? ie Why this course? Why Andrew Parr methods?

Question 10 of 11.

Training Formats

We offer a variety of training formats and schedules. Please give us an indication of your preferences and ability to attend upcoming courses.

1. I prefer to attend live online classess
2. I prefer to proceed with Self-Study at my own pace
3. I don't mind/Other/Not Sure
Question 11 of 11.

Why You Are A good Fit

Finally, why do you think we should consider you to be a part of this programme? Why do you think you would be a good fit for this?

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Practitioner Diploma - Application

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