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Are you interested in understanding how the mind really works so that you can use it to help yourself and others lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives?

Would you like to have the skills and knowledge to help people overcome personal, emotional and habitual problems, at the deepest possible level?

Would you like to help others move towards their goals more effectively, while you feel you are doing something incredibly worthwhile with your life and your time?

Would you like to feel confident in your abilities, and become the expert, go-to person in your field, gaining a strong reputation and respect?

Would you like to transform your own life or career, with a more rewarding and satisfying one helping others?

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If you answer ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then we'd love to hear from you.

At the Andrew Parr Academy, we are looking for people like you who have the desire to deliver a high-quality service to a wide range of clients, incorporating a combination of highly effective hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching and counselling techniques.

We are particularly interested if you would like to offer a bespoke service for each client, helping them understand and resolve both the symptoms and causes of their issues, at the deepest level necessary, as opposed to a standard, regimented, one-size fits all generic surface level approach.

"Choosing the right teacher, is as important - if not more important - than choosing the right course. There are many people who can teach, and teach very well. But I believe it is my job not just to teach you but to trigger something personal within you, to ignite a desire & passion within you ... and then teach and inspire you to use that passion to make a difference in the world."

Andrew Parr, Author "The Real You, Founder, Andrew Parr Academy

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