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Do You Want To Boost Your Results &

Advance Your Career?

Discover How To Resolve Deep-Seated, Childhood & Lifelong Issues

Even Faster Than Hypnosis

With This Powerful, Innovative, Easy To Apply Technique

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Introducing ...

"Andrew Parr Advanced Therapy & Coaching (ATC) ™"

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12 Step By Step Lessons That Will ...

Reveal The Entire Method & teach You How To Apply It

Help You Create Deep & Rapid Results For Your Clients - Faster Than Anything I Know

Accelerate Your Confidence & Boost Your Business

For Current Practitioners ...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or unsure about which method to use with which client?

Would you like to know how to get to the root cause of issues - without having to use regression therapy?

Would you like to feel able to increase your fees because your results reflect that?

For Beginners & New Students ...

Would you like to know how to cut down the "noise" so that you can simplfiy your learning?

Would you like to know which hypnotherapy techniques I use the most, and how?

Would you like to learn the "BIOTAB" method, which rapidly accelerates the hypnotherapy methods you are learning?

If you answer yes to any or all of these ...

This Training Is For You!!


"That was bizarre. I was wide awake, aware and fully present the whole time but it felt like I went deeper than when I've had regression in hypnosis.

When you asked that final question, I just felt an overwhelming rush of love, surge through my body.

It was like something opened up within me that I've never felt before. I can't describe it!"

Andrew Selby
Life Coach & Hypnotherapist


It was nice getting a chance to learn this brilliant new approach from you

I absolutely loved it and I may use it instead of everything else.

I thought the class format and delivery were just brilliant and I loved that we got to see demos, the second one especially really drove things home for me.

I think the value of what we learned  was incredible and I can really see how powerful this process is and how much easier it could make our lives as practitioners.

It’s an excellent way to access the subconscious mind, easily bypass the critical faculty, and overcome resistance.

The way the process is designed just makes it a no brainer for them to make the connection between their thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and to begin accepting new ideas.


Elena Pintus, Hypnotherapist & Healer

"The better you get at what you do, the more freedom that brings you to lead a life true to yourself instead of what others expect of you."


Today Only £1997 £997!


Advanced Therapy & Coaching (ATC)™ (one time payment)
£ 997.00
Advanced Therapy & Coaching (ATC)™ - 4 Monthly payments of £297.00 (partial payment)


  • Advanced Therapy & Coaching (ATC)™

  • Total

    GBP £997.00



Here's What's Included:

12 Recordings Of Live Interactive Training Sessions With Andrew Parr 

12 x Lesson Slides & Notes To Help You Follow Along

On-Demand Access To Library Of Full Client Demo Sessions

World Class Friendly Training & Support

Here's What You'll Discover In These Sessions

A Deep Understanding Of Mind Models So That You Know The ONE Thing To Look For That Will Set Your Clients Free

An Explanation Of The "B.I.O.T.A.B." Principle & How You Can Use It To Enhance Everything Else You Know Or Are Learning

The ONE Simple But Profound Idea You Can Adopt That Will Take Your Therapy Skills To New Levels Forever

The 4 Simple Steps You MUST Follow In Order To Give Your Clients Rapid & Deep Change

Your Chance to Copy the Exact Same Process I Now Use Everyday to Uncover & Address The Real Cause of Client Issues - Fast!

How To Apply These New Ideas & Observe The Results From Your Very Next Client Or Practice, Whatever Your Current Level.

And So Much More!

Are You Ready To Start Achieving What You Are Capable Of?


"I feel better than fixed, as whilst you've done that to a big degree and so quickly, more, you've given me the tools to carry on working with.

You have helped me to begin getting the best from every aspect of my life in a practical and positive way and I'm in a completely different place now than I was when I came to you.

A HUGE thank you, from my heart 🙂 "

Maria Parkinson.


Message From Andrew Parr

Whether you're still in the early stages of learning, or a seasoned practitioner, I'd love for you to have access to these priceless live training session recordings where you willI:

  • Discover the power and simplicity of the "BIOTAB" principle and why that is so important to your success as a therapist and business.
  • Explore how to use it as a stand-alone treatment or integrate with other methods.
  • Watch it being applied in the live demo recordings.
  • Find out how to get the best from yourself & your clients.
  • Use what you learn to accelerate your business.
  • Plus Much More.

WARNING : This Will Be Intense At Times!


"Thanks Andrew. You are a master of this vocation. I have achieved way more than in 2 years of psychotherapy."

"Discover The Courage To Live A Life True To Yourself, Instead Of What Others Expect Of You"

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