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Do You Feel Held Back By Your Past Or Lifelong Issues?

Introducing ...

"The Real You"

By Andrew Parr

Real 6

"How To E.S.C.A.P.E. Your Limitations & Become The Person You Were Born To Be"

Discover The Inspiring New Approach To Overcoming The Invisible Blocks From Your Past That Hold You Back In The Present

Do you ever feel "not worthy" or "not good enough"?

Do you ever feel the world is "not a safe place" for you?

Do you ever feel trapped, powerless, or "out of control"?

Do you ever feel as if you don't belong and are not accepted by others?

Do you ever feel as if love and relationships are about pain and struggle?

If you answer yes to any or all of these ...

This Book Is For You!!

"Andrew Parr's 'The Real You' ... will save you thousands of pounds in therapy!" 


"This book is an absolute must for anyone really wanting to get to the core of their issues and transform their lives from the inside out."

Miss E. (Verified Amazon Reveiw)


"A life-changing book in so many ways"

Amazon Reveiw


“A gracefully written book about the inner strength we all have within us”

Enahm/ Wim Hof


Do You Want To Live A Life More True To Yourself, Instead Of What Others Expect Of You?


Personal message From Andrew parr

"I know what it's like to hold yourself back because of insecurity, low self-worth or believing you do not deserve good things in life.

I know how frustrating it is to see others achieving the happiness or success you want, but feeling too scared or unable to take the steps yourself to get there.

I know how powerless you can feel, wanting to change yourself or your surrounding, to make everything OK - but can't.

I know how lonely and isolating it can be to feel different or not belonging.

I know how painful love and relationships can be.

BUT ...

I also know that, however engrained or lifelong these things seem, there is ALWAYS a way out.

And in this book I will share with you EXACTLY what you need do, and how to do it ...

... so that you can feel lighter and freer, more able to be yourself, and finally achieve the happiness and success you deserve, starting today."

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“The Real You” Book Bundle - Free Shipping
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"The Living From The Real You Masterclass"

8-part masterclass with Andrew Parr.

Discover extra insights, tools and wisdom that will enable you to crush your fearful thinking & feel a deeper sense of peace, joy and confidence, today.

Here's what you get:

8 x video recordings 

8 x guided audio meditations

8 full-length webinar recordings

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  • “The Real You” Book Bundle - Free Shipping

  • My Terrifying Tomorrows – Living From The Real You – 8-Part Masterclass

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Here's What's Included In The Book Bundle

Physical Copy Of "The Real You"

Digital Copy of "My Terrifying Tomorrows"

"My Terrifying Tomorrows" Audiobook

"Point Of Power Blueprint" Download

Download of "7 Insider Secrets That Will Revolutionise How You Start Your Day"

The "U-Flow Diagnostic" Video

Here's What You'll Discover In this Book

Why We REALLY Have Problems & What Their REAL Purpose Is ...

This will help you to see your life and any difficulties in a completely new way

How To Identify The REAL Cause of Your Problems & What To Do Next ...

Instead of fighting against yourself, you'll discover the key to working with yourself, to great effect.

Why Self-Help Is Often Difficult & Conventional Therapy Takes A LONG Time ...

If you have ever found it difficult to make changes ... this will help you understand why ... and reveal what to do.

The Andrew Parr E.S.C.A.P.E. Method For Helping You Dissolve Your Limitations, FAST

Find out why the answer to most problems is simpler than you think, and how The E.S.C.A.P.E. method will set you free.

How To Break Free of Personal, Emotional or Traumatic Blocks, Without Spending Years In Therapy ...

This will save you SO much time (and probably money) when you understand the REAl secret to dealing with these issues ...

The Process For Transforming ANY Unwanted Habit Or Behaviour & Finally Living A Life True To Yourself

Discover how this simple tool will put you back in control and help you get back on with the life you were born to live.

And so much more ...


5 star reviews

See what people are saying about Andrew Parr Books


Are You Ready To Stop Holding Yourself Back & Start Achieving What You Are Capable Of?


"Whether you want to improve your finances, enhance your health and fitness, be in a loving relationship or transform ANY aspect of your life ...

... these simple exercises will liberate you from your old, restricted self and allow you to become the happy, successful person you were born to be."

Unlock "The Real You"

The person you wish you were is already within you, hidden away beneath layers of fears, doubts & limiting beliefs picked up through your life.

You can let go of these ... and become the person you were born to be, starting TODAY.

Deepen your knowledge of yourself, your mind, and identify key areas where you have been holding yourself back, until now.

34 Exercises that will guide you, step by step to the core of who you really are, what you are capable of, and show you how to E.S.C.A.P.E. your fears and limitations.

Build confidence, self belief, determination and motivation to remove blocks and realise your goals.

Discover how to achieve that elusive quality we all secretly desire ... a sense of deep, inner peace with ourselves and our lives ...

Unlock The Real You & transform your  life, starting today ...

Real 2

Meet The Author Andrew Parr

Andrew Parr is an author and personal development specialist with more than 31 years experience, and over 18,000 client sessions.

He has specialised in helping people overcome deep inner traumas and resolving fears and anxieties from the past, often in just a few hours of treatment, and usually where everyone else has failed.

He uses a unique blend of analytical coaching combined with a natural form of de-hypnotising people from self-limiting beliefs, that helps solve problems at their root cause - fast.

In "The Real You", he will take you on a deep-dive journey of personal discovery.


ATTENTION : Get These Exclusive Extras Included At Checkout!

Do your negative thoughts about the future Rob You Of Peace Of Mind today?

Here's The Solution ...

"My Terrifying Tomorrows"

"From Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt To Peace, Calm & Happiness"


This latest book by Andrew Parr will help you reduce negative thinking FAST so you can be more focused in the present.

It is not currently available anywhere else.

Are You Ready To Escape Your "Terrifying Tomorrows"?

Download your copy today only with the "Real You Book Bundle" ...  and get the audio book version included as well! 

mytt and real you and audio book

As A Thank You For Purchasing My Books & I Want To Also Give You Immediate Access To Exclusive Bonuses

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Your Point Of Power Blueprint

Use these handy visuals and guides to help you attain and maintain your Point of Power more and more effortlessly.

Maintaining your Point of Power is essential for creating greater, peace, calm and happiness.


bonus 2

The U-Flow Diagnostic

Use this diagnostic aid and video guide to help you assess any issue in your life, and know exactly what level of your mind you need to focus on to be free of it, in seconds.


bonus 3

7 Insider Secrets That Will Revolutionise How You start Your day

Get access to Andrew Parr's transformational morning routine that helps him stay on top of his own life, as well as achieve more, in less time.

Includes little known breathing techniques, easy to apply ideas that will help each day feel more valuable and rewarding.

Plus ... productivity hacks that will help you double your results in half the time.


Discover The Courage To Live A Life True To Yourself, Instead Of What Others Expect Of You

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